What's Mine is Yours 


We continue to be amazed at the generosity of our supporters as well as the immense amount of need in our own “back yard”.  We want to extend our deepest gratitude to any and all that have supported us on this journey.  We have taken to heart “Be the change you want to see” and hope we can inspire others!!

Pop-up Events

Back in 2013 we had the opportunity to take a young lady shopping for a prom dress and graduation outfit. As she looked through the racks and tried on dresses she emerged from the dressing room with a smile and confidence. She had found the perfect outfits and was ecstatic, as she had never had the chance to go shopping for herself.  We knew we had made a difference, all be it a small one, but a seed was planted. We thought about a way in which we could bring this experience to multiple girls at once. After a few brainstorming session the WMIY Pop-up event was born!
  Flash forward to 2015 and What’s Mine is Yours has just hosted its 4th pop up event. At these events we take a rented space and create a one-day boutique. This boutique showcases our inventory of gently loved clothing and it is made available to local foster care agencies and other agencies we have partnered with. Each agency is given a time slot where they can bring several of their girls to “shop” in a fun and safe environment. We help the girls select outfits, if they want, or let them browse at their leisure. There is no limit to the amount of items they can take home with them. We have noticed that there is one commonality with all four events; the girls tend to come in somewhat shy and hesitant. As the girls find clothing they love and try outfits on, we witness a transformation. We can see their smiles get a bit bigger as their confidence shines a bit brighter. Through these events and meeting the girls, we have been fortunate to develop relationships with a few of these girls as they have come to more than one event. To date we have had approximately 230 girls visit our pop up events.
         Recently we were contacted by the Meredith Vieira Show which is featured on NBC. They sent a film crew to tape our most recent pop up event held in CA and even interviewed one or two “shoppers”.  In addition, The Meredith Vieira Show flew us to NYC for an interview on the show and hosted the first ever NYC version of our pop-up event. At this event approximately 35 young ladies from The Foundling, a foster care agency located in the Bronx, were invited to come experience our pop up events. If that was not exciting enough, style icon, Betsey Johnson, was a surprise guest and she donated her designs and time. She graciously donated dozens of dresses, purses and shoes…AND helped style some of these young ladies!!