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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I drop of my clothing?
 Email us at to schedule a pickup.

Do we accept boys clothing?
What's Mine is Yours focuses on donating clothing to teen girls in need. Being teenagers ourselves, we recognize that we are at a very impressionable age and understand the pressures felt in middle school in high school for girls. 

Where is my donation going?
We are locally based in Contra Costa County and Alameda County. All donations are distributed to youth homes, foster homes, shelters, and individuals in the area. All clothing will benefit a girl in need within Contra Costa County. Check our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on when and where we deliver clothing. Thank you for making a difference with your donation.

How did we get our idea?
As teen girls, we both love clothing and fashion and we see the importance of giving back. We had clothing that was too small for us and rather than give it to a large organization that is not local or to an organization that would sell the clothing, we decided to create one that was completely local and free. We want to ensure our clothing is making a difference we can see. 

How to Get Involved?
For those who do not live in the area but are interested in helping, we are always looking for new ways and ideas to help out young girls in need of clothing. Please email
Is my clothing being sold?
No, we do not sell any clothing. All the doantions we receive go directly to local foster homes and shelters.