What's Mine is Yours 


About us 

Co-founders Katie and Paige have been close friends for over 14 years. We share a common interest in fashion and giving back. During the summer of 2012, we cleaned out our closets and realized we had clothing that did not fit us and clothing we were no longer wearing. We thought about what we wanted to do with our bags of clothing, and decided that we wanted to find an organization that would keep our clothing local rather than sell or ship it. It was important to us that our clothing remained local and benefited a girl in need within our community. After struggling to find a place in our community, we began What's Mine is Yours. Our mission is to provide gently loved clothing to foster girls in Contra Costa County. We feel it is important that every girl has clothing to call her own, clothing she feels confident in, and clothing she loves.

 Every girl that receives clothing from What's Mine is Yours receives a package with her name on it along with a bow, we want it to feel like a little present from us!