What's Mine is Yours 


Never underestimate the power of giving

Our mission statement:

"Never underestimate the power of giving." That is what drove us to pursue an idea to make a difference in our community. This non-profit organization is dedicated to collecting and donating the necessary clothing, and delivering them to local girls in need who are similar to our age. By starting this charity we feel it will keep us grounded and grateful, but we see the importance of giving back, and that’s how “What’s Mine is yours,” was started.
With love,
Paige & Katie

Pictured above are Co-founders Paige Blake and Katie Easterly. They started What's Mine is Yours in June 2012 before their Freshman year in Highs School. Paige and Katie are both 20 years old and are Sophomores in college in Boston and Arizona. Katie and Paige are pictured in the warehouse with three "orders" that are ready to be dropped off. Behind them are just some of the many bins used to store clothing donations.